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Work Week at the Peak 2021

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Psalm127:1a

Our voyage to Protectors' Peak began on a Wednesday evening with three vehicles filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies for Shiloh Ranch. Kayaks, fishing gear, bikes, a fridge, a freezer and so much more were donated by Ross and Keith Johnson who so generously and graciously saw the needs we had and freely gave. They both came to see us off on our long journey ahead and excitedly waved as we caravanned out of the Westbrook driveway and onto the road ahead. With our coffee mugs filled, our stash secured, and our hearts filled with expectancy, we headed out for the 25 hour drive ahead.

God was good and saw us safely to Shiloh Ranch with low winds and good driving conditions! Nobody fell asleep at the wheel...a few head bobs here and there but we made it!

And so began the exciting beginning to the very first Work Week at Protector's Peak. There was a long list with projects needing to be accomplished and a plethora of skilled and willing folks that wanted to pitch in. If you were a fly on the wall, you would have observed people cleaning, painting, sheet rocking, cutting down trees, clearing trails, pressure washing, laying flooring, putting up new signage, laughing, drinking LOTS of coffee, and enjoying the fellowship. The best times are those where fun and work are intertwined-where there's a healthy rhythm of both rest and work.

The best quote of the week that summed up our whole mission was this:

"Eliminate the ugly."

Walls were painted, new floors were laid, holes were filled in, casings were built to cover ugly wires, dust was wiped off of logs, paneling covered ugly sheetrock, and the ugly was eliminated. But that wasn't even the best part-it was an amazing part, but not even close to the best.

While the ugly was being eliminated, the beauty of a legacy was being rebuilt and restored.

In this Nehemiah season of rebuilding and restoring Shiloh Ranch, we see beauty rising from the ashes. We are watching God's promise for a place of rest, renewal, and reconnection being fulfilled right before our eyes! Those who hold this dream closest to them understand the vision, but what is even more exciting is that others are not only catching the vision, they're running with it! It's growing and multiplying and expanding at such an exponential rate we can barely keep up.

God is making a way and then some! All glory to Him!

As we rebuild the walls, restore the broken places, and prepare to serve our servants, may God equip us to serve our servants. We thank Him for His faithfulness to us. We praise Him for His provision! And we stand in gratitude and humility of those who are co-laborers with us in this ministry. Watching these Kingdom workers labor side by side with us was a sight to behold and encouraged us in the sense that we are doing exactly what God has ordained for us to do.

Thank you to all those who came, saw, and conquered the ugly. You made a difference and created a much nicer place for our guests to be served in. God bless you all!

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