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Our Journey to Protectors' Peak

Our journey to create a place where our weary servants could rest, renew, and reconnect with God was birthed in us in Hayden, ID in the early 2000s. We fell in love with the area mainly due to the beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains. The beauty we were surrounded by breathed fresh life into our souls and beckoned us to partake in the many activities this area of the country affords. There was rarely a time that we didn't want to be in the great outdoors as we endlessly explored and went on adventures all over North Idaho with our three little girls in tow. If we loved this place, wouldn't others love it too? How could they not?

Fast forward 13 years, one more child, several moves, and many stress-filled experiences in law enforcement. As time went on, we grieved the fact that law and order was becoming more and more devalued as were our officers. We experienced the weariness and frustration so many law enforcement officers and families feel in this day and age. And through it all, we felt the call grow stronger and more intense through the years to establish the dream God had placed in our hearts back in Hayden, ID. In 2018, we formed our non-profit, Protectors' Peak. Two years later, after much searching, we discovered a place to land our dream.

Protectors' Peak at Shiloh Ranch was established August 1, 2020.

With the help of many friends and family, Protectors' Peak has been up and running ever since! God has been faithful and trustworthy throughout this journey providing wonderful people and resources to help serve our servants.

As director and associate director of Protectors' Peak, we welcome our guests with open arms and pray each guest experiences God and His healing and restoration through Jesus Christ.


To God be the glory, for He has done great things!

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