Nate and Becky Harder are the managers of Protectors' Peak Retreat Center.  They have been married for twenty three years and have four wonderful daughters.


In Nate's twenty three years of law enforcement, he has worked as a patrol officer, detective, SWAT team member and commander, and currently serves as Chief of Police.


Becky has enjoyed teaching first and second grade, early childhood, preschool, being a stay at home mom, and homeschooling her own children.  She currently works as the executive director of a youth mentoring program.  


Nate and Becky began their marriage dreaming of one day opening a bed and breakfast.  However, as their careers progressed and Nate gained more experience in his field, he began to observe the severe toll that law enforcement was taking on him and those he worked with.  The bed and breakfast idea slowly transformed into a new dream after living in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho surrounded by mountains and natural beauty.  The new dream emerged as Protectors' Peak-a retreat center specifically designed for our Shepherds and Sheepdogs to experience healing and rest in a beautiful place.  This dream has taken off and is in the process of becoming a reality.

Nate and Becky understand first hand the stress and pressures a law enforcement family experience, but God revealed to them what ministry leaders experience as well.  Over the years, they have bonded with the pastors God placed strategically in their lives.  The ministry has its own set of unique stresses and pressures as well.  The call of ministry is a high one and sometimes leads our pastors and missionaries to burn out and leave  the ministry all together.  

We pray that Protectors' Peak will serve as a healing haven to our police officers, soldiers, first responders, pastors, and missionaries.  

Our dream will include hosting individuals, but also family and couple retreats as well.  We are expectantly awaiting a place where they are understood and cared for away from the pressures and stresses of their work. 


Please help support us in our dream for Protectors' Peak!  We'd love your prayers and if you feel led to support us financially, please click on the donate link.  If you have any questions, email us at protectorspeak@gmail.com.