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Asked Questions

It takes courage to take a risk and step out into the unknown. At Protectors' Peak, we understand that fear which is why we go to great lengths to make sure our guests are comfortable and feel at home! The following are some questions we are asked by curious potential retreat goers. We hope this will calm any uncertainty you may have about attending a retreat. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us. We look forward to serving you! 


  • When do Protectors' Peak retreats begin and end?
    We begin our retreats on Sundays at 7:00 PM Pacific time with a light dinner. We end our retreats at noon on Sunday with a brunch.
  • What do you do at a Protectors' Peak retreat?
    Our schedule is relaxed and mostly unstructured. Our goal is for our guests to rest, renew, and reconnect with God. We begin our days with breakfast and Bible study. We are a faith-based non-profit that believes inner healing can only be found in Jesus Christ. Topics include how to deal with trauma, anger, stress, and challenges of the job. We also discuss how to receive healing and peace from Jesus. After that, you are free to pick an activity for the morning such as kayaking, biking, fishing, hiking, relaxing, playing games, reading, sleeping, or whatever you'd like! We come back together at lunch and continue activities throughout the afternoon. After dinner, we have our evening Bible study and hang out next to the fire. Some guests enjoy playing cornhole while others like to hang out on the big deck relaxing and connecting. Our goal is for you to experience God in His beautiful creation and rest in His healing love! This looks different for everyone. Several guests have brought their cameras and go off by themselves to capture beautiful views. We want you to do what you enjoy most.
  • Where are you located?
    Shiloh Ranch is located in north Idaho next to the St. Joe River nestled on 144 acres of beautiful mountain land.
  • What are the accommodations?
    The lodge at Shiloh Ranch has eight bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. Five of our bedrooms can accommodate 2 people. Three of our bedrooms will accommodate an individual or married couple. Our bathrooms are conveniently located next to the bedrooms on each floor. We also have a prayer cabin that's located off by itself. The prayer cabin is designated for those who specifically need some time alone and prefer some silence and solitude. It has one bed and a pull-out couch. It includes electricity, a coffee pot, and the golden sound of silence.
  • How much does a retreat cost?
    A retreat at Protectors' Peak is free of charge to our servants. We are blessed with generous donors, family, friends, and churches who believe in this mission and give to the cause. The only cost to our guests is a $50 non-refundable registration fee and their transportations costs.
  • What do I need to bring to a retreat?
    Bring outdoor clothing you can use for biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, etc. Prepare for both cool and warm weather as the temperature changes throughout the day. Hiking boots are really nice to have on the mountainous terrain as well as water shoes for the river. You will need a Bible and notebook for group devotions. We have devotions both in the morning after breakfast and after supper in the evening. Please bring your own personal toiletries.
  • What is provided?
    Bedding, towels and washrags are provided. We also have extra toiletries in case our guests forget. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner AND snacks-nobody will be hungry we promise! Also, copious amounts of coffee are brewed and consumed. Recently, a very generous donor supplied Shiloh with brand new mattresses. A wonderful night sleep with fresh mountain air is also provided.
  • What is the daily schedule?
    7:30-8:30 Breakfast 8:30-9:00 Devotions 9:00-12:30 Activities of your choice (kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking, naps, reading, etc.) 12:30ish Lunch (Lunches can be packed if you choose to go out fishing, biking, or hiking for the day.) 1:00-5:30 Activities of your choice 5:30 Dinner 6:30 Devotions 7:00 Fire, corn hole, rest and leisure, snacks, games, etc. *Our retreats are designed to leave as much time for rest and renewal as possible. We are here to serve you!
  • Do I need to rent a car if I'm flying?
    We have a shuttle van that will pick you up upon your arrival at the airport and drop you off for departure. Pick up time on Sundays from Spokane International Airport is 5:00 PM Pacific time. Drop off time on Thursdays is 2:00 PM Pacific time. Please plan accordingly when making your flight arrangements.
  • Is there anything else I need to know?
    We do not offer internet to our guests. We offer a landline that can be used at any time. Disconnecting from phones and computers gives our guests the chance to enjoy the views around them and be present with other retreat goers. We have not had one complaint about this. We are a dry facility. The coffee pots are always full! We will accommodate any food allergies our guests have within reason. If you have a food allergy, please include this on your registration form.
  • How do I contact you for more information?
    Contact us at We will be happy to answer any questions you have!
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