Protectors' Peak:

 A Dream Becomes Reality

But those who wait for the Lord, they will inherit the land. 
Psalm 37:9b

Could This Be It?!

It was a crisp, cold winter morning in March as my husband and I excitedly yet cautiously boarded our Chevy Traverse-our home on wheels for the next 21 hours.  With coffee cups filled to the brim and the last hint of twinkling stars above us, we were ready for another adventure.  As morning began to awaken,  we headed out to Mullan, Idaho to check out yet another piece of land that may or may not be suitable for development.  The road behind us was paved with disappointment after disappointment in our quest to find the perfect place to call "Protectors' Peak" and we were hoping this piece of land wouldn't offer the same fate.

After twenty one years, the dream of hosting a place of hospitality was still carved in our hearts.  It was just in the past five years the dream had been defined with sharp, crystal clear clarity.  The Spirit of God has a way of doing that.  He takes an idea,  transforms it to His way and will, and something beautiful takes place.  Of course, God's timing is always different than ours.  At times, when we'd get discouraged about the timing and ways of God, we would remember that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.  He has a way of slowing us down and pulling us back to reality.  Good thing. It keeps folks like me out of trouble when I want to get ahead and do things my way.  It builds faith in the slow work of God.  

The land we were interested in seeing sounded a little too good to be true.  19 acres of pristine land with a year round creek.  The price?  Very affordable.  "If this acreage is on the side of a mountain, I'm going to cry."  Nate looked at me and nodded.  The realtor had told us this wasn't the case, but I wasn't holding my breath.  The past scenarios of land searching had resulted in disappointing results.  The price was right and the land was wrong.  Every single time.  We'd anxiously arrive at the land to explore the acreage and it was literally the side of a mountain.  Really?  We couldn't even climb it for fear we'd fall to our deaths.  Or, the location was inaccessible due to lack of roads.  Or, there was no hope of hooking up water or electricity.  Every possibility seemed to be a dead end.

But this trip felt different. We had researched dozens of properties, had been through a roller coaster of emotions, and here we were, going back to the place we started at.  Full circle.  Did I mention that?  Yes, this is the very area we fell in love with the mountains.  The Silver Valley is every mountain-lover's paradise.  Any kind of outdoor activity known to man and woman can be found here.  Moving to Coeur D' Alene years prior had been one of the happiest seasons of our lives.  Life circumstances had caused us to move, but our hearts never left the Silver Valley.


To make a long story short, we had to view the property via snowshoes.  This was not my first choice, but the property was covered in deep snow falls.  This was not an ideal time of year to look at properties, but it was unavoidable.  Due to the high interest on this particular property, we were given a short window of time to make a very big decision.  It had fallen through with the original buyers which is why we had the opportunity to check it out.  It ended up being a beautiful, sunny day which made the mountain views pop.  We were surrounded by panoramic views that took our breaths away.

Totally, completely, 100%....sold.


When we went back this summer, the snow had melted, and to our great delight we were not disappointed by what lied underneath.  But the underlying question still remained...

Could this be it?


In the back of our minds, we had hoped, prayed, and wished that this might indeed be Protectors' Peak.  If it didn't work out, we could always use it for camping or share it with family and friends.  

Through this journey, we've always been amazed how God placed resources in our path at every turn.  Because of His provision, we always felt the nudge to take the next step, confident that He was in the details. 


Our final question would soon be answered. A dear friend of ours who specializes in land development and real estate joined us out at the property a few weeks ago.  After perusing the entire acreage, he happily communicated that this property would be able to accommodate several cabins and a main lodge.  There were natural springs where water could be hooked up to.  There were great possibilities and potential for this land to become Protectors' Peak!

So here we are.  We have the name, the place, and the potential to build the dream that God has placed in our hearts for so long.  Both Nate and I trust in the slow work of God.  We know that it will take time and money to plan, develop, and build a place for the people we care so deeply for.  We also know that we serve a BIG and awesome God who never runs out of resources.  He is the creator of this dream and we know He will carry us through every stage and phase. 


As we begin the planning for the development phase of Protectors' Peak, please keep us in your prayers.  We need wisdom, knowledge, and good information.  If you feel lead to support us financially, please click on the donate link.  Thank you for your prayers and support as we head into our next phase.  God is good!