Dreaming Deep in 2019

"Go big or go home."  


I've been married to an ambitious dreamer for twenty-one years and I've heard this phrase more times than I can count.  Sometimes it's said in jest, other times it's straight from the heart.  In our early years, I tried to downshift this pioneer spirit in my husband, but to no avail.  I was the cautious one.  The girl who needed her ducks in a row. 


I was the realist.

However, it didn't take long for my resistance to change to change course.  His excitement and vision of what could be scared yet excited me.  It also opened me up to interesting possibilities and opportunities I would never have thought of before.  So much for playing it safe, sticking to the norm, and planting roots.  That ship sailed several times over.  But after all this time, here we are-four states, three apartments, nine houses, and four daughters later.  Before you equate being a dreamer with being in a constant state of discontentment, let me encourage you to think otherwise.  There is a point to this story....


Soon after the time we said "I do", a dream was birthed in us.  Our original plan was to open  and operate a bed and breakfast in our retirement years.  Our love of old Victorians and hospitality were our motivation.  Throughout the years, because of our many moves and opportunities, we experienced a variety of locations and people while developing and discovering our own individual gifts and abilities.  Our original dream morphed into something bigger, more meaningful, and deeper than we originally planned.  God had opened our eyes to a new ministry-hospitality with a purpose.  His plan was greater and higher which made our dream deeper and more meaningful.  When we began dreaming through His eyes, we came to a new realization that serving those who serve was our main focus. As we've traveled down this road, God has scattered snippets of significant signposts that have lead us down a path of discovery mixed with blind faith.  


A dream realized will put hope in your heart and a spark of joy in your soul.

As we venture out on a limb, we are balancing nimbly as we take steps of faith.  We trust in our God to turn this dream into a reality in His perfect way and timing.  We cling to the promise that He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it.  

As 2019 approaches, what are your dreams?  Did you once have a dream that has been lost?  Have your dreams been locked away due to frustration, discouragement, or inactivity?  Perhaps the burdens of life are so heavy that dreaming doesn't seem possible.  If you are at the bottom of a dream, may I encourage you to keep your focus on the top?  Despite what Disney says, dreams don't come true over night-they actually take time to build, nurture, and develop.  Dreams aren't sprinkled with glitter and fairy dust-they're often laced in sweat, tears, and tenacity.  But God knows your heart and the dreams He's placed within it.  Let Him care for both your heart and your dreams.  Allow Him to draw out the dream, breathe new life into it, and put His brand on it.  He will amaze you with His creativity and ingenuity.


May 2019 be the year for deep, not necessarily "big" dreams-ones that hold meaning, mission, and significance.  For these are the dreams that God has sewn into your soul for His purposes.  Pull them out, dust them off, and allow God to put a whole new spin on them





 Dare to Dream Deeper!